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Client Testimonials

".......a brilliant and motivating session, one of the most dynamic speakers you will ever  see either side of the Atlantic"                                          Bob Paton  Chief Executive FIA

"......totally changed my view of consultants, he actually listened and delivered a programme which met our needs specifically"                    Heather Webb  L & D Rank Hovis

"The best trainer I have had on any course over a pile of courses over a pile of years"                                                                                        Robert Harvey  CSD  Scottish Power
"Mike is an absolute pleasure to work with, he is one of the most engaging trainers I have known these ten years; he consistently delivers excellent results with great feedback from the business"                                      Emma Howard  Head Global Markets L&D RBS
"Brilliant! Thank you again for the excellent training....."
 Charlotte Wotton Team Head OIAHE

I just wanted to thank you very much for the (Pitching to Win) training session last week. I found it very informative and useful.                       Govind Singh Standard Chartered Bank Sydney - M&A

"I would sincerely thank you; you cannot imagine how happy I was when I asked the guys what they thought about the course. One of my team said, 'this course was the most rewarding training in my entire career' another     'if Mike wanted to extend the time late into the night, I would definitely stay without any bitterness' and finally an older team member said, 'I was wondering why I am going on any course at this point in my career and at my age, but from the first day I was really happy that I attended'..."   Abdulrahman Al-Fadda - Head Treasury Sales - Saudi Investment Bank

"Really great feedback from all involved yesterday so thanks once again for a fantastic course".                                                                          Geoffrey Thorpe / Head of F/X desk  Standard Chartered Bank, London

"We can't thank you enough. We keep getting positive feedback and thanks for making each person feel special there. We have a great team and you are helping us bring them together. The team building and introspection that was engendered was very well appreciated by the group. The breakouts, of which there were many, came off well, in no small part due to the templates and instructions you provided ahead of time. I feel like we helped train a couple of dozen leaders on some of the skills needed which is no small feat. They came away feeling very energized, well respected and appreciated, and more a part of a larger whole than they did going in. This was a very significant milestone in our development and change management journey, we could not have been as successful without you".                                 Richard Stark/Head of ELEKTA BASS Division - San Jose

"Thank you for the course, I found it an enjoyable and engaging process – you are an excellent trainer, but I guess you already know that."               Tim Cameron-Jones/Senior Director Investment Agency - DTZ  

"Sounds like many people are reaping the rewards of the great course you deliver and the word is spreading! I did sing the praises of the course when I came back here and I believe we sent a few more people to it. Business is going well here and I was promoted....the CREATE goal setting template has been of great use to focus the projects I led last year...thank you for your great insight!"                                                                                      Taj Bhambra/Materials Planning Mananger - Alcatel-Lucent

"I feel that I have benefited from this course as I'm now able to identify my leadership style and tailor it according to the circumstance as required. The training was delivered in an extremely professional manner and all major concepts were explained in detail. I recommend this course to anyone who is in a similar role".                                                                               Mark Mahendran/Manager - Alcatel-Lucent   

"I was really pleased, especially with the 'stuff' that came out yesterday in the role plays. The team are universally positive and our international business director was raving about the half hour he spent observing you at the workshop. Thanks again for delivering such a useful and meaningful programme".                                                                                      Mark Hunt/Sales Manager HE Europe - J.Wiley & Sons

"The project management team manage complex medical device projects, liaising with many different individuals from a range of scientific, engineering and business backgrounds. Some skillsets of the people come with a reputation for having certain characteristics that may conflict with 'completing and finishing' projects. The Project Management group approached Mike Gale particularly interested in how to increase their engagement skills with their wide and varied team member group. These workshops enabled them to change their behaviour to better engage with the individuals and enhance communication and trust. In some early examples, when operating with key staff with whom they had previously failed to engage, there were immediate improvements. Anyone wanting to increase their team engagement, behavioural awareness and, more importantly, learn how to adapt behaviour to promote a happier working environment, should give this a go!"                                                          Mark Knowles/Head of Project Management - Elekta UK